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In Memorium


This page is dedicated to my loving parents John and Catherine Mathewson who died well before their time in 1981 and 1975 respectively. Words cannot describe the void and pain that their passing has left in my life. Neither was a brilliant scientist, an eloquent author, or a gifted artist. Both were just  simple honest hard-working decent law-abiding and god-fearing members of their community who scraped and saved to put their only son through Unversity. My mother died, aged only 47 after a long persistant and debilitating illness, an illness which I as a little boy was never able to adequately comprehend  The loving care and devotion shown by my father in these difficult times, tragically to no avail, was a shining example of selfless dedication that now seems so out-of-place today. It was a privilege and honour to have been able to bear witness to this.

My father was killed in an industrial accident while trying to save the lives of his colleagues. He died just two months before my graduation day.

I am convinced that the world is a poorer place today without them.

“The honest man, tho’ er sae poor, is King o’ Men, for a’ that” (Robert Burns)

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